Special delivery: UK-grown wasabi

Jon Old of The Wasabi Company has brought the far flung concept of growing wasabi to Dorset

Food and Drink 26 Mar 2019

Wasabi Company grows wasabi in Dorset

Wasabi Company grows wasabi in Dorset

The Wasabi Company’s Jon Old discovered he could grow Europe’s first successful crop of wasabi when a chef visited his watercress farms in Dorset and Hampshire. He noticed the method Old used for growing was similar to the way wasabi is grown, prompting Old to explore how it could be added to the farm’s repertoire. He discovered similarities between the conditions required for watercress and wasabi, and it soon became apparent that Dorset’s topography and climate closely resembles the river valley conditions in Japan where the Japanese horseradish has thrived since the 10th century. Now the company delivers fresh wasabi to suppliers nationwide and even has a range of condiments and sauces.