A healthy staycation at Blakes

The boutique hotel has enlisted the skills of yoga and meditation experts to offer a break designed to help with your New Year’s resolutions

Travel 15 Jan 2019

Blakes Hotel in South Kensington
Blakes Restaurant has a wealth of vegan and healthy options, perfect for January
Each of Blakes Hotel's rooms is individually designed
Bliss at Blakes includes a session of yoga and meditation plus a night's stay and healthy breakfast

Blakes is the original luxury boutique hotel. Designed by the inimitable Anouska Hempel, Blakes opened 40 years ago in South Kensington and continues to influence how hotels exist and operate. From the start it has been a corner of eclectic elegance a place that attracts everyone from globetrotters to celebrities. Each of the hotel’s individually designed rooms combines opulence and comfort in equal measure.

For January 2019, Blakes Hotel is combining its well-crafted luxury with a healthy programme for anyone planning a fresh start to the year. The hotel has invited yoga teacher Eve Latil and sound therapist Slavomir Latko for a month-long residence running sessions with guests and neighbours of Blakes combining movement with meditation. Latil is an expert in Kundalini yoga and Vedic science, learned through years of work and training in India before bringing her skills to London. Latko learned his specialism of Daoist wellness in the Wudang Mountains of China and now uses sonic acupuncture and massage in his sound therapy, which has been developed to induce relaxation and relieve stress.

Coconut and saffron curry - one of the vegan delights at Blakes Restaurant
Coconut and saffron curry – one of the vegan delights at Blakes Restaurant

Each 90-minute private or group session is available both for hotel guests and for local residents, and promises to leave you feeling calm, focused and rejuvenated. The sessions are also available for hotel guests as part of the Bliss at Blakes package, which also includes an overnight stay and a healthy breakfast. The sessions are a fantastic way to discover new ways of looking after your body and mind, ready for the challenges of a new year.

Blakes Restaurant is the perfect spot to stop for a pre- or post-session meal, or to enjoy as part of a healthy staycation. It’s an especially good choice for anyone whose New Year’s resolutions include going vegan for January. The restaurant has an impressive range of options for anyone opting for a plant-based diet including a delicious vegan breakfast comprising light-as-air tofu, avocado, mushrooms and quinoa, or for dinner a beautifully spiced and moreish coconut saffron curry and mind blowing minty tiramisu crafted from cashew and tofu.

Blakes vegan tiramisu
Blakes vegan tiramisu

As the slump of mid-January takes over, staying at Blakes, or popping in for a class and a healthy meal is the best possible way of treating yourself while keeping those New Year’s resolutions going. In this case, a spot of indulgence is really rather good for you.

Each 90-minute group sound and yoga session is £30 per person. Private sessions are available from £80 per hour, or £60 per hour for hotel guests. For booking enquiries please contact events@blakeshotels.com. Blakes Hotel is also offering an exclusive Bliss at Blakes package to include an overnight stay, healthy breakfast and yoga session from £378 per night. blakeshotels.com