Creative tipple: Cadello 88

Where classic Italian flavours meet the soul of the East, Cadello 88 is a blend of flavours reminiscent of Italy and the Silk Road

Food and Drink 28 Dec 2018

Cadello 88

Cadello 88

“What libation would wealthy Venetian merchants have served at masked balls at the peak of the Venetian Empire?’ is the question that sparked the creation of Cadello 88. Named after a fictional Venetian palace, Cadello 88 is a new spirit that blends Italian flavours with Eastern ingredients that would have arrived in Venice via the Silk Road. Eight ingredients are infused and distilled separately before being blended and aged in French oak barrels. The resulting smooth, sweet liquor boasts a range of aromas including mint, star anise, chocolate, coffee, vanilla, hazelnut and caramel.