If the brew fits: Allpress

Allpress Espresso launches its new range of illustrated coffee blends, created to delight at any time of day

Food and Drink 27 Dec 2018

Allpress Espresso's new graphic icons have been designed represent each of the coffee roaster's blend
Allpress Espresso

Aiming to demystify coffee, Allpress Espresso has created six arty icons to illustrate its new range of coffee blends. Each blend has been designed to match the flavour and purpose different people look for in a cup of coffee. The Good Brew, for example, will suit any brew method, and be enjoyed at any time of the day, while Our Coffee Galaxy blends cater to those looking for new and unusual flavours. Pop into the Allpress café in Shoreditch to see the full range.

From £8; uk.allpressespresso.com