Dial D for distinctive: Dior

Fifteen years after its inception, Dior’s La D de Dior timepiece collection is as bold and alluring as ever

Watches & Jewellery 7 Dec 2018

Bold and alluring: La D de Dior

Bold and alluring: La D de Dior

In 2003, five years after launching her first jewellery collection for Dior, Victoire de Castellane, the house’s artistic director, created her first timepiece called La D de Dior. Admiring the simplicity and richness of 1970s design, her inspiration was a woman who borrows her man’s watch so that she always thinks of him. Taking the purity of men’s watch styles, she created a design that was confidently feminine and of simple expression, featuring just two hands on the dial. Made with jeweller’s materials, precious metals and gems and ornamental stones, powered by unfussy quartz, or Zenith automatic winding mechanical movements, the collection grew. Over the course of 15 years La D de Dior has become a classic, regularly renewed.

The family of elegant watches continues to expand, embodying the spirit of Dior’s fine jewellery with bold creativity, paying tribute to Christian Dior’s passion for colour, and taking direction from de Castellane’s interest in combining materials and colours. The collection is a harmonious blend of the jeweller’s expertise and Swiss watchmaking savoir faire.

La Mini D de Dior was introduced in 2009, initially available in a petite 19cm dimension; now models are made in 25mm, 36mm and 38mm sizes. The range includes fluoro iterations with vivid dials and straps; others are snow-set with diamonds. Two years ago saw the launch of the Satine range, featuring Milanese mesh bracelets, articulated and fluid, knitting together strands of gold or steel threads, ribbons of suppleness and shine. This year, La D de Dior Satine returns in six new versions. In 25mm it boasts a red lacquer dial and a bezel in rose gold set with diamonds, while others have a dial in white or pink mother-of-pearl and a bezel subtly crafted to resemble the weave of a fabric. Stone-face versions come in 19mm or 36mm with dials in malachite or lapis lazuli, and a diamond bezel.

Victoire de Catellane’s contemporary and elegant Rose des Vents design, a popular collection for Dior fine jewellery, has been taken up in the timepieces. La Mini D de Dior Rose des Vents features the signature eight-point star at the dial’s centre, a reference to the heavily superstitious couturier’s ‘lucky’ star, and the latest iterations feature pink or red lacquer.

Fifteen years on, this collection remains as timelessly alluring as ever in the style of the House of Dior: bold, confident, chic and beautiful. La di da, indeed.

La D de Dior, from £3,000; dior.com