Mental health: Let’s Talk

To coincide with World Mental Health Day, a new photography exhibition encourages people to talk openly about their emotional wellbeing

Arts 9 Oct 2018

Author Alastair Campbell shares his inner most thoughts in the campaign
It's good to talk: writer Bryony Gordon photographed for the Let's Talk campaign
Actor Jordon Stephens joins the campaign to highlight mental health issues in the UK

With one in four people in the UK affected by a mental health problem, the importance of talking about our emotional wellbeing has never been more prevalent. Let’s Talk, a new outdoor photography exhibition created in partnership with charity Mental Health UK, aims to reinforce this message.

Designed to inspire open and honest conversations about mental health, the subject of each image has words written on their face relating to their real inner battles. Comprising images of everyday people alongside more familiar names – including author Alastair Campbell, comedian Sue Perkins, TV presenter Anna Richardson, writer Bryony Gordon, and actor Jordan Stephens – every person featured has experienced a mental health struggle.

It's good to talk: TV presenter Anna Richardson takes part in the campign
It’s good to talk: TV presenter Anna Richardson takes part in the campaign

The project was spearheaded by photographer Charlie Clift who – inspired by his own history of depression – interviewed each volunteer, asking them to describe their struggles in their own words. He and lettering artist Kate Forrester then selected key words and phrases from the interviews and Forrester hand-lettered the text onto the individual’s face before their photo was taken. During the photo shoot, subjects were encouraged to talk about their lives, passions and difficulties.

Through these powerful and moving images, Clift and Forrester hope to inspire others to open up about their own mental health issues.

The free outdoor exhibition will be at Regent’s Place from 8-20 October, Broadgate, next to Liverpool Street Station, from 22-27 October and Paddington Central from 29 October- 10 November 2018. For more information, visit