Born free: Jaguar Land Rover

Breathe new life into your classic Land Rover or Jaguar with the Reborn programme

Motoring 8 Oct 2018

Land Rovers can be reborn with the marque's new programme
Jaguar E-Type

Although it sounds a little new age, the Jaguar Land Rover’s Reborn programme breathes life into classic Jaguar and Land Rover products, giving them that ‘as new’ feeling again. Go for a classic three-door Range Rover, preferably in one of those period muddy colours, or if you’re feeling a little sporty, you could wave the Classic Works magic wand over an E-Type to get back to the 60s vibe. Unfortunately, due to inflation, expect to pay a little more than the period list price of just a couple of thousand pounds for the work. And, of course, you’ll also need a donor car. Putting the vulgar mention of cost to one side, however, you will own a factory-refurbished and, probably as importantly, factory-warrantied classic to cherish.;