Hidden talent: Ares Design

Ares Design's newly unveiled Panther takes elements of the company's war helmet logo to create a unique camouflage print

Motoring 15 Oct 2018

The Ares Design Panther with a unique camouflage print
The camouflage print on the Ares Design Panther takes inspiration from the company's 'war helmet' logo

Dany Bahar’s eccentric Modena-based auto boutique and styling house, Ares Design, has unveiled its latest limited-run car, the Panther, in camouflage. On closer inspection, the camouflage is actually a repetition of the company’s ‘war helmet’ logo.

Based on the underpinnings of a Lamborghini Huracán, the Panther will be high on performance and rarity. Former Lotus boss Bahar’s party trick at Ares of taking a modern car’s skeleton and dressing it in something a little more luxuriously nostalgic seems to be catching on. Twenty-one Panthers will be built from next month with a starting price of €515,000 (approx. £464,400).