A collab to be adored: The Stone Roses x Kent & Curwen

The British heritage brand has teamed up with one of England's most iconic bands to create a new collection

Style 3 Sep 2018

The Stone Roses x Kent & Curwen

Kent & Curwen has collaborated with Mancunian legends The Stone Roses to produce a limited-edition capsule collection.

The official partnership includes a range of T-shirts, sweatshirts, outerwear, shirts and badged bucket hats. It combines John Squire’s iconic album cover art with Kent & Curwen’s vintage sporting iconography.

A fan of the band since his youth, Kent & Curwen creative director Daniel Kearns feels that The Stone Roses were key in establishing the look and sound of the 1990s. The new collection takes inspiration from both the artwork that surrounded the band and their music, which formed the soundtrack to a generation. British culture, British music as a whole, and the feeling of British summertime also helped to inspire the collection.

The Stone Roses x Kent & Curwen
The Stone Roses x Kent & Curwen

Kent & Curwen’s classic British design and the iconic imagery of The Stone Roses meet, as K&C’s rose logo appears, in the form of hand-stitched woven patches, next to the band’s trademark lemon slice on a selection of T-shirts and sweatshirts.

The Stone Roses x Kent & Curwen Capsule Collection will be available for order at KentandCurwen.com and in stores from September 2018, followed by an outerwear drop in February 2019