Drive in style: Bentley at 100

The car brand celebrates its centenary with a short film exploring its achievements, past models and the characters who have made Bentley so unique

Motoring 30 Aug 2018

Together we are Extraordinary: The Story of Bentley Motors film
A frame from Together we are Extraordinary
Together we are Extraordinary tells the story of the first 100 years of Bentley Motors

Luxury British carmaker Bentley is premiering a new short film to celebrate the marque entering its 100th year. Together We are Extraordinary: the Story of Bentley Motors honours the standout characters, successful models and sporting achievements of the brand since it was founded on 10 July 1919 by WO Bentley.

Watch Together We are Extraordinary: the Story of Bentley Motors below…

The film takes inspiration from the shapes, surfaces and luxurious metals the brand is known for, with the famous “Bentley Boys and Girls” starring, alongside the Le Mans-winning Blower and Speed 8, and legendary racing driver Woolf Barnato.

Using a combination of enthralling motion graphics and stylised images from the Bentley archive, the Hollywood-grade production sees 3D scanned actors turned into digital metallic sculptures. It is a captivating celebration of a milestone few car brands can boast.

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