In the frame: Gucci x Martin Parr

Expect the unexpected in Gucci’s new Instagram campaign, shot exclusively by legendary British photographer Martin Parr

Style 20 Jul 2018

Gucci's new Instagram campaign with Martin Parr explores the nature of time
The Gucci x Martin Parr campaign was shot in nine international locations that hold significance for the brand
Gucci x Martin Parr Instagram campaign #TimeTo Parr

From photographing Harry Styles and a menagerie of animals in a North London chippy to sending models down the catwalk with dragons and severed heads, Gucci has always been one for surprises.

And in its latest Instagram-only campaign, the Italian fashion giant has collaborated with industry stalwart Martin Parr in an unexpected project titled #TimeToParr.

The British photographer, who recently shot Gucci’s 2019 Cruise campaign in Cannes, may be the antithesis of an Insta-obsessed Millennial, but his influence on modern documentary photography is unsurpassed. Parr’s pioneering style captures the inherent, often unexpected humour in the humdrum of everyday life. His early work focused on accidentally kitsch suburban interiors and seaside towns, and over the course of his stellar 40-year career, the Magnum photographer has shot for a variety of clients and publications all over the world; always maintaining his unique eye for detail, wry curiosity and sense of humour.

Featuring Gucci watches, these specially-commissioned new images explore ‘the nature of time’. Parr captured quirky details and selfie-snapping tourists at nine ‘Gucci Places’ around the world, each one holding a special significance for the fashion house. The locations are as diverse and eclectic as Gucci itself; from the quintessentially British setting of Chatsworth House, to Rome’s exquisite Biblioteca Angelica and the label’s effortlessly cool new Dapper Dan Atelier in Harlem, New York.

As for the timepieces, look out for a mixture of classic G-Frame and G-Timeless models, as well as the new Eryx watches and the suitably extravagant Le Marché des Merveilles Secret Watch. The campaign officially launched on Thursday 19 July. Hashtags at the ready…

#TimeToParr launched on Gucci’s Instagram on 19 July