Brummell Horology spring 2018

 Brummell is proud to announce the release of its Horology spring 2018 edition

Watches & Jewellery 5 Apr 2018

Brummell spring Horololgy 2018

Brummell spring Horology 2018. Illustration by Giacomo Bagnara

Brummell is proud to announce the release of its Horology spring 2018 edition, which spans the centuries and the globe, delving into the world of watches to report on the health and wealth of horology.

In this dedicated watch issue, we explore the Britwatch revival and celebrate the centenary of the RAF, looking at its close partnership with Breitling, a brand that has always been a favourite with pilots. We also go head to head in a rugby lesson with the All Blacks, sponsored by rugged watch brand Tudor; learn how Richard Mille’s new polo watch is almost indestructible with top rider Pablo Mac Donough; and discover how new timepieces are using digital technology to improve the experience wearers have with their mechanical models.

In our singular Brummell shoots we get up close with a selection of sophisticated men’s travel watches that evoke stylish journeys to far-flung destinations, and enjoy the iridescent beauty of mother-of-pearl dials on elegant women’s pieces.

Finally, we offer an expert guide to the potential pitfalls and profits of buying and selling vintage watches, with tips for spotting the next future classic. We hope you enjoy this issue.