Heaven Sent: HeavenSake’s Junmai Daiginjo

Introducing the first Franco-Japanese sake, HeavenSake's Junmai Daiginjo is running exclusive sake pairing tasting menus across London

Food and Drink 1 Mar 2018

Forget wine, the new drink to accompany food is sake. Specifically HeavenSake’s Junmai Daiginjo – a pure type of sake, with no added alcohol and the world’s first Franco-Japanese sake – which, until 31 March is running a series of exclusive sake pairing tasting menus at some of London’s top restaurants, including C London in Mayfair. With a fragrant mix of floral lily, iris, hyacinth and jasmine combined with herbal notes, the taste is suave yet fruity. Perfect when paired with prosciutto and seasonal pear.

From £193.40 per person; heavensake.com