Brummell Horology Autumn 2017

Brummell is pleased to announce the release of its latest horology issue for Autumn 2017

Watches & Jewellery 13 Nov 2017

Animated cover illustration by Karan Singh

Brummell is pleased to announce the publication of its latest horology issue for Autumn 2017. Dedicated to the world of watches, this edition explores our valued relationships with timepieces – as we know a watch does much more than merely tell the time.

From Ken Kessler’s decision to put part of
 his extensive watch collection up for auction to Steven King’s appreciation of the world’s slimmest chronograph, we learn about the latest technical innovations and boundary-pushing complications, as well as simply enjoying their attractive faces and rugged personalities.

We also go flying, sailing and biking with watches, learn about the Chopard timepiece inspired by Grand Cru wine, and celebrate the plethora of watch-related anniversaries taking place this year – including the centenary of Cartier’s iconic Tank design.

Finally, with the increasing popularity of tailor-made, Ming Liu explores how you can create a completely customised piece with everything from gem-encrusted bezels to diamond strap add-ons, and we discover a new tome that pays tribute to the personal connection between a timepiece and its owner.

We hope you enjoy the issue.